Welcome to Events by Kathie


Events by Kathie is a boutique wedding planning service that focuses on providing an organized and meaningful approach to wedding planning and design. We make sure your wedding plan is as holistic and meticulous as possible so you can focus on making beautiful memories with your loved ones.


About kathie

Kathie is a beacon of hospitality. From making sure your out of town guests have a welcome basket, to chopping down tree limbs that fell on the venue driveway, Kathie and her team will make sure your event runs smoothly and your guests feel welcome and tended to while you enjoy your wedding day.


the planning experience

We cover a wide range of needs for your wedding day. Whether you just need help with getting everything in place on the day or you need someone to help you choose your vendors and rental items, we have a service for you.


personalized details

Every couple has a unique vision that Kathie helps bring to life. Whether you are clean and modern or warm and traditional, Kathie knows how to pull together all the design details.


why hire a wedding planner?

From timing your walk down the aisle to coordinating your vendors, there is a lot to manage on your wedding day.

Planners make it so you and your family get to enjoy your day and focus on making memories instead of paying attention to all the moving parts.